01 Nov

In pregnancy, a hormone called HCG is produced by the body. This hormone has been a vital part of a diet that aims to reduce weight. A part of this diet is low calory intake. A good weight loss is what the HCG strives for with proper diet and HCG intake. You would not feel any hunger as you undergo this weight loss program. Discover more on this homepage.

The HCG can be taken in either through sprays, pellets, oral drops, and injections. This hormone can be bought from online stores and retail stores. There is a prescribed amount of HCG you can use on a daily basis at 175iu to 200iu. It is strongly suggested though to start at 125iu. If you are planning to buy some already, decide the length of time you will undergo the diet.

You can determine the HCG mixing kit appropriate for you after determining the duration of your diet plan. The ampoule has two different volumes which are the 1500iu/2000iu and the 5000iu. You can also modify the content of your kit from the mixing solvent, needle/syringe size, to the vial color. You are also given the option to add some extras in your kit like HCG potency test strips, plastic ampoule breakers, and syringe filters.

The vial color plays an important role in protecting the HCG contents. The syringe size will determine whether the injection is subcutaneous or intra-muscular. Bacteriostatic water or bacteriostatic sodium chloride are the options for the mixing solvent.

Check whether quality hcg injections kits are available in this company. This company was the first to sell HCG mixing kits online. They boast of having a good track record for satisfying their customers. Pricing for the shipping of their products is cheap. The HCG kit can be customized to your personal needs. An email is available for your concerns if you have any.

The delivery of the HCG supplies you bought will be completed in a week. You can check your email for the progress of the deliver. If you discover some broken items, missing orders, or other concerns, then contact them through their email for an immediate response. Other concerns that you have can be sent to their email address for them to be addressed as well.

They also encourage you to strictly follow the HCG diet. Bread, vegetable, protein and fruit are the important component of the diet. White fish, chicken breasts, beef, veal, and shrimp are the suggested proteins you can eat. For your vegetables you can have cabbage, tomatoes, green salad, and spinach. Your bread options are bread stick and melba toast. Fruit options are grapefruit, strawberry, apple, and orange. It is allowed to include water, tea, and coffee in your diet. Sweeteners you can use exclude sugar. Click on this link for more details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HCG_pregnancy_strip_test.

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